Support Genie | Overview

All The Tools You Need To Provide For A Seamless Customer Service Experience.

Multi Channel
Customer Support

Multi Channel Customer Support

With Support Genie, unify all communications across multiple channels making it easier for a customer to interact with your support team.

Automate Customer
Support with AI

Automate Customer Support with AI

Support Genie is pioneering the use of smart chatbot technology with AI for image recognition to automatically identify common issues with hardware devices. This frees up support agents from repetitive issues and allows for an individualized focus on their customer’s complex problems.

Live Video

Ability to receive live video from a customer’s smartphone to better understand their issues. Our research shows live video can decrease customer support request time by 90%.

Enhance your Contact Center

Support Genie’s innovative technology lets you keep your existing contact center investments, while enhancing it with live video, image and video sharing. Find out how you can reduce support costs and drastically improve your customer experience at the same time.

Mobile App - Android and iOS Ready!

The best tool for customer support is already in your customer's hands.

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