Support Genie | Visual Assistance

See Your Customers
Problem Live

See Your Customers Problem Live

Support Genie can engage with audio, text and visual aids in real time to facilitate unresolved issues immediately. Mobile apps can securely bridge communication with a live video stream so that support agents can properly visualize and diagnose a customer issue.

Mobile App-Android
and iOS Ready!

Mobile App - Android and iOS Ready!

The best tool for customer support is already in your customer’s hands. Support Genie’s mobile app helps customers send and receive pictures and videos of the issue they are facing to a support agent. The apps are required for live video streaming.

Send and Recieve Images and Videos using SMS

Customers can also send and receive images and videos using SMS without installing an app. Visual insight on customer issues speeds up the process of resolving the issue. Relaying the information is quick and easy, and a gratifying experience for the customer.